About Me: Esmeralda Merle

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About Me: Esmeralda Merle

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Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
LA: Jessica Szohr

Name: Esmeralda Merle
Alias: Esmeralda, Esme, Em, etc.
Sex: Female
Age: 546, but looks around 19 years old.
Date of Birth: 26th of January, 1466.
Race: Hybrid - half witch, half shape shifter (turns into Sabor from Tarzan)
Occupation: Senior student.
Clan: None.
Residence: Paris, France.
Reason why you came: to escape her parents.

In school-
Specialty: shape shifting, hunting, music and art class.
Limitations: Math, science.
Hobbies: dancing, playing instruments, art.
Title: -

About you-
Personality: strong-willed, independent, short-tempered, rebellious, sarcastic, stubborn and determined.
Appearance: raven black hair, emerald green eyes, tanned skin, slim. She is usually seen wearing a purple skirt, bangles, a white shouldered shirt with a dark green corset, a pink head band and one golden hoop earring.
Ability: her witch element is fire and she can transform herself into a leopard at will.
Weakness: water.


Her parents were abusive and neglectful ever since she was a young girl. At age 13, she witnessed her father murder her mother in a drunken rage, therefore developing a sort of hate towards men, even though her mother was cruel towards her. She ran away from home and lived on the streets, making money by performing acts on the sidewalk. She was a late bloomer, only discovering her fire magic and shape shifting abilities when she neared fifteen. Out of anger and revenge, she searched for her father and killed him in his sleep. From then on, any abuse she witnessed or received from other men, no matter if it was verbal or physical, often sent her over the edge and she would murder them. She always felt disgusted with herself and terribly guilty and depressed afterwards, locking herself away for days so she wouldn't feel the urge to kill again. She was caught in the act one day by the guards and they chased her down, but she was too quick for them. She ran out of the city and continued to run for a while, before reaching Italy. She overheard rumours of a new school, Blanditia Academy, and decided to check what all the fuss was about. From then on, she's been at the school, now a senior. She doesn't really intend to leave and is quite content being there, when she's too old to be a student, she'll probably try and take up teaching there.


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