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Post  Anne on Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:25 pm

Role play character: Anne Bonny
Non/Disney: Anne Bonny from La Leyenda del Pirata Barbenegra
LA: Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Strangers Tides

Name: Anny Bonny
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Race: Half-elf
Occupation: Guidance Counselor
Reason Why You Came: To turn over a new leaf and leave her past behind her

Specialty: Fencing and a bit of magic. She can also sense people's emotions, so she can understand people a bit better than normal.
Limitations: Can be a bit too blunt. Also, she has a reputation for having a foul mouth.
Hobbies: Fencing, meditating, reading.

Personality: Anne's walked with a tough crowd most of her life, so she can be a bit crass and blunt when it comes to meeting people. But she has a good heart, so once you get past all that, you may like her. She's a loyal friend, but she's quick to lose her temper. She knows how to fight, including knowing how to use a sword, and she will pull it out if she gets mad enough or feels threatened. Because she can sense emotions, she may be able to know people a bit better than most. Of course, just because she senses an emotion doesn't mean that she knows what's causing it, so she may not understand people's motives totally well. Her hobbies include fencing, meditating, and reading. She's also known to always have some rum in her office.
Appearance: Anne is tall and lean, with dark eyes and black hair always pulled in a pony tail. She has a habit of wearing tight-fitting clothes and long boots.
Ability: Can do some magic and can sense other people's emotions
Weakness: She can never be as strong as an elf because of her human blood. Also, she's not immortal, so she'll age like a normal human.

History: Anne is the product of an affair between a male elf and a female human. The affair between her parents was brief though, so she was raised by her mother only. But when she was twelve, her mother got sick and died, leaving Anne to fend for herself. She didn't want to starve on the streets, so she joined a group of thieves. They found out about her gift and decided to put it to good use. They didn't know she wasn't fully human though. She kept that a secret. She doesn't have enough elf in here to be immortal, so she aged regularly like a normal human. When she was twenty, she became the leader of the thieves. She ran the group for five years until they finally got captured one night by the police. As far as Anne knows, she's the only one that got out alive. But, the experience made her realize how she's wasting her life by doing bad things, and so for the past two years, she's been trying to lead a good life and be a better person. Then, she found out about Blanditia Academy and she decided to put her talents to use there as a guidance counselor.

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