About Me: Princess Ilana

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About Me: Princess Ilana

Post  Ilana on Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:06 pm

Name: Princess Ilana of Lunaria
Alias: Ilana
Sex: female
Age: 17
Date of Birth: unknown
Race: Witch
Occupation: Student,
Clan: None
Residence: Land of Lunaria

Desire: To fit in among humans

Fear: To never be able to see home again.

Representation of your Roleplay Character-

Non/Disney: Ilana from Sym-biontic titan

LA: None

In school-
Specialty: Art, Public Speaking
Limitations: Science

About you-
appy and Bubbly, Ilana is outspoken and not afraid to speak her mind, she is intelligent and believes that rules should be followed. She is somewhat navie and acts very high class. She is very content when people are happy.

She believes that she will not stop fighting until right has been made. Due to her happy-go lucky attitude, she is often not taken seriously and made fun of at school especially by the popular kids

Appearance: Ilana has short blonde hair and black eyes. She always seems to be happy and proud. Wearing a different outfit everyday, even if they are wild and crazy.

Ability: Ilana like her mother before her is able to cast many spells of the elements and light magic.
Weakness: She is unable to control fire magic very well and dark magic seems to terrify her.

History: Princess Ilana was the only child of the King and Queen of Luniara, she brought the people of her kingdom hope after the lost of their queen. Ilana was proud of her hertitage and was trying her hardest to make her father proud. Despite this, even she could not prevent what was to come when she turned 17.....

(See Lance's and Rex's for most of it)

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