About Me: Lance Salazar

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About Me: Lance Salazar

Post  Lance on Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:46 pm

Name: Lance Salazar
Alias: None
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Date of Birth: unknown
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Student
Residence: Kingdom of Lunaria
Desire: doesn't know yet
Fear: To loose his brother or Ilana

Representation of your Roleplay Character-
Non/Disney: Lance (Sym-bionic titan)
LA: None

In school-
Specialty: P.E, Fencing, English
Limitations: Math, Science

About you-
Personality: Lance is the quiet, lone-wolf type. He can be quite the badboy and get into reckless situations from time to time but he normally keeps to himself. Strong, brave and loyal to those who need it, he will go to lengths to protect them. He is very protective of both his brother, and will not stand to see him bullied.

Appearance: Lance is a tall and muscular boy, he has long black hair and black eyes. While his skin is pale compared to his brothers, it is even more pale now when he became a vampire. He is normally seen in a simple short sleeved blue top and black jeans.

Ability: Due to his unique vampire-like transformation, like most vampires Lance requires human blood to live, but due to his duties tries his hardest not to feed on anyone and normally uses animal blood to satisfy it. He is faster than before and quite the combat master.

Weakness: Due to his cold attitude, he is not the most social, and his desire to protect Ilana and his brother can get in the way which often results in fights or him getting sent to the headmistress's office.

Lance is the eldest of the Salazar Brothers, their parents died shortly after Rex turned six. And despite them not having the skills or money to get what they wanted. They tried to make it work. Wanting to prove himself more than anything, Lance signed up to the military working hard to support his kingdom and his brother. His combat skills put him up to the top and the king was impressed and made Lance, his daughter's protector. On the way home to tell his brother the good news, Lance came across a young girl in need of help, being attacked by wolves. Lance ended up saving her life, and she revealed to be a witch known as the Witch of Red Rose. She agreed that one day she would help Lance when he needed it.

A few months later, Rex discovered he was a wizard and was able to do wonderful things with his magic. Deciding to show his younger brother to the princess, who was a witch as well. the two left, only to find that the kingdom they had once known was on fire and attacked.

It turns out that the Kingdom of Luniara was rivals with another kingdom all together. Lance took it as his duty to protect Princess Ilana no matter what. Despite her not wanting to leave, Lance and Rex got her to safety.

The three wandered around until they found the Witch they had been searching for. She promised that Lance would have the strength of the strongest man in the world if he drank from the goblet she had. Despite their warnings, Lance gave into the witch's bargian and drank the liquid, only to find that it was turning him into a vampire.

Upon that result, Ilana finally told them that her grandfather worked at the Academy and it would be best to stay there until they were strong enough to return home. Despite, Lance feeling it was giving up on his duty to protect his home, he agreed. Now the trio lives there.

Other: Lance does not like to admit it but he is a really good singer and can play the piano. He tends to write his own songs. Often he is out writing ro singning late at night in the music room on his own

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Re: About Me: Lance Salazar

Post  Lance on Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:51 am

updated other.

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