About Me: Alessa Lance

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About Me: Alessa Lance

Post  Guest on Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:43 pm

Name: Alessa Mary Lance

Age: 18

Race: Siren

Non/Disney rep: Black Canary
Live Action rep: Christina Aquilera (Burlesque)

How were you turned: Wondered into a cave. It was said to give you good luck if your feet into the water on a full moon night. Heh, it gave me good luck alright. It turned me into a Siren. A siren that can make people go into a trance with singing. Yet raising my voice would just be horrible for the person listening. This happened when I was thirteen.

Family: They are all humans, I'm the little odd one out. Yet, I don't really care, cause I feel special to have such a protective power. I mean, screaming helps me get away easily from people who want to hurt me.

Personality: Alessa is very out there, she lets her voice be heard and let's people know what shes likes and dislikes. So if you don't really like a honest person, scratch her off as being a friend. She also likes to find a way to have fun in any possible way. Either it's partying, or just dancing to nothing, or humming a tune.

She makes sure she is never bored.

Though she does defend her pride easily, and shouts out smark remarks to make the person shut up. Even if the insults don't phase her, she will make them shut up. Either by words or her power. Either one works for her. Especially if she feels threatened by the person.

Once you get to know her she will open up to you more. She loves making friends, and finds herself very social. Though if you are picking on somebody, she will call you out. She finds bullies completely horrible.

Hmm.. Let's just say she is:
-And fun!


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