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Post  Shanti on Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:12 pm

Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Shanti from 'The Jungle Book 2'
LA: None yet! XD

Name: Shanti
Sex: Female
Age: 11
Date of Birth: 1st of December
Race: Chordewa
The legend of the Chordewa comes from teh Oraons people of western Bengal, and the legend blends elements of witches with an essential vampire. The Chordewa have the ability to create a second body for themselves, which is always in the form of a black cat. They will then astrally project their soul into the body of the cat, leaving their own body safe when they go out. The cat/witch will then go into town and be a social creature and friendly with those that it meets, even up to the point of licking people on the lips. However, that lick on the lips is the equivolant to the kiss of death, and the cat will slowly drain the victim's life force from them. When in cat form, the chordewa's meowing will sound like a child in distress, thus helping to bring more victims to it rather than having to seek out victims itself. However, if the cat is injured, those injuries are manifest upon the chordewa's body, and if the cat is killed, the chordewa will die.
Occupation: Student
Clan: They were all killed..
Residence: A little hidden village in the jungle in Bengal..
Reason why you came: To improver her powers to 'reign' the human world.. XD Muahahah! >Very Happy

In school-
Specialty: She's good in Art and all the stuffs related with it! XD She's also good at SuperNatural History, History of Dragons and Science but she doesn't really apply herself a lot on it, since she doens't want to look like the swot.. She's also good at Spells, obvioulsy since she's a witch! XD
Limitations: Home Economics.. She hates it! The most useless subject in the whole school! XD Also in Shapeshifting she sucks, 'cause she's good only at create her second body that's always and only a black cat, she's unable to change it! XD
Hobbies: Dance, sing and play music..
Title: I don't know yet! XD Maybe the seductive.. Shocked

About you-
Personality: Shanti is cheerful, active, chatterbox, full of energy.. She loves to sing, play music and dance.. Due to her 'race' she's a good seductress, she loves to fascinate humans and use them till the end.. the very end! XD Sometimes she can be competitive, especially with women and if you're talking about men! Wink She secretly loves books but nobody has to know this 'cause in her opinion is not a good quality for her next 'task'.. XD Shanti has been fascinated by the human world, how they can be easy manipulate by famous people, so what she wants to do as soon as she become a good witch is to become a reallyreally famous girl and have everybody under her 'control'! XD
Appearance: Black hair in a pigtail, big brown eyes and dark skin.. She always wears a Bindi, a little red dot on her forehead and big earrings..
Ability: She remembers everything she reads or sees and always uses it to her advantage! Wink
Weakness: She can't resist at shiny things.. if they're precious it's better and she appreciates it more.. If you want to buy her silence this is a good way to get it! XD

History: Shanti lived with her family and others witches in a little village hidden in the jungle in Bengal, one day some witch hunters found them and killed all of them, but only Shanti managed to escape and safe her life.. She traveled for a while until the day she heard of this school and found it..

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