ABOUT: Nicoletta Fairburn

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ABOUT: Nicoletta Fairburn

Post  Nicoletta Fairburn on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:41 am

Name: Natalia Marguerite Forsynthe
Alias: Nicoletta Marguerite Fairburn [for safety reasons]
Age: 21
Race: Shape Shifter
If supernatural how were you turned? I was.. (I'm on the right track, baby I was) Born this way. Yeah, I really was.
Family: Um.. I believe that's classified information, but I'll let you know this: my mother is in a rest home, my father's MIA, and my sister is in pre-med training.
Reason why you're here: Okay, now you're really overstepping the lines. I already told you, that's classified info, but one of the reasons is to protect this establishment. Are you done being nosy now?
Job: Undercover for various reasons.. I'm serving as a secretarial temp for the academy, so I'll be around most of the classrooms taking notes and gathering documents during the day.
History, Personality, etc: Nicoletta first discovered her powers when she was 13, and got discovered by a international agency called [insert name here] which specialized in training and aiding children that had 'abnormal' abilities. Not much is known about the group, but some can suspect that they're trying to uncover these supernatural beings and channel their true potential. They eventually brought out many hidden abilities of her that she never even knew she had, and now she is one of the top-ranked agents in the world. Despite her curvacious and succulent appearance, she is one to put up a hell of a fight, and this gives her an advantage over weak men. She uses her shapeshifting abilities to gather information, but it does have its disadvantages: she can only shift into animals or people she has seen before, and it also hurts when she changes. Also, if she turns into a water-based animal (ex. a fish) she has to be near water to survive or she'll die. She can take a great deal of pain because of repetitive shifting, though.

Nicoletta is, in general, a mystery to most people. The words she does say are rather distant and could be perceived as mean, but it's only a part of her job. Depending on what type of cover she's under, she can change personas fairly quickly, and this makes her hard to predict. Just don't piss her off.. she likes curse words way too much.

Nicoletta Fairburn

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