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Roleplay Character: Vanellope
Non/Disney: Vanellope Von Scheweete
LA: None

Name: Vanellope
Sex: Female
Age: immortal, however looks about 14
Date of Birth: December 1st
Race: Fairy/Speed Demon Hybrid
Occupation: Student
Clan: She doesn't live with them anymore due to complications
Residence: Used to live in Iceland
Reason Why You Came: To become accepted by others and learn to control her powers
Specialty: Vanellope is very good at atheletic classes, especially track or racing cars. She loves to fly so anything involving the air would be good for her too.
Limitations: Due to her hyper personality, Vanellope has a hard time paying attention in most classes. Mainly Math and Science are her weak points
Hobbies: Racing, Flying, buliding things, exploring,
Title: Sweet Tooth

Vanellope is quite the rascal and trouble-maker. She is outgoing and joyful always willing to accept a challenge, no matter how tough. She can be easily frustrated and often picked on because of her strange powers but she finds them cool, despite her attitude, she doesn't have many friends and wishs to have some.

Vanellope is very tiny due to her age. She has a black ponytail with what appears to be candy in it, including a licorice bow. She wears a green hoodie with a brown skirt, followed by striped stockings and black boots.

Ability: Vanellope is able to travel faster than most, though to others it looks like she is "glitching" like in a video game. She is able to warp through portals that she has made to travel through short distances.

History: Vanellope was born in Iceland with a clan of fairies, she was the only child of her family with a single mother, no one talked about her father very much and that made her feel a bit left out. Despite this however, she tried her best to make friends. The other fairies though, were mean and pushed her around calling her a "half-breed" confused by this, Vanellope went to her mother for an explination where she was informed that her father was a demon. The fairy clan never accepted demons before, and Vanellope was a different cause. The leader of the group banished her from her home, without any help from her mother. She wandered around the world, trying to find a good place to call home.

She found the academy on accident, due to teleporting through a portal and ended up in front of the school. Seeing, no other option the young fairy demon decided to stay

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