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Role play character: Vlad Draculea
Non/Disney: Count Dracula (The Batman vs. Dracula)
LA: Richard Roxburgh

Name: Count Vladislaus Draculea
Alias: Count Dracula (to the students), Vlad (to the staff), Alucard (to outsiders)
Sex: Male
Age: it's thought that he is 657
Date of Birth: November 13, 1431
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Drama teacher
Residence: Castle Poenari, Romania
Reason why you came: To get some social interaction and escape from a very persistant foe.

Specialty: Gym, Hunting, Supernatural History
Limitations: Magic, Thirst Control
Hobbies: Art, Creative Writing, English, Music
Title: The Mysterious Gentleman

Personality: Vlad is an old-fashioned man, enjoying many of the simpler pleasures; music, reading a good book, or spending time with a lady friend (though he often wonders how long he will hold on to her before tragedy takes her from him). He is calm, dignified, and pleasant for the most part. But beneath all this lays a dangerous side that would frighten the bravest of men. If he gets angry, he will seek retribution and he will get it.
Appearance: Vlad has the look of a tall, athletic man with pale skin, light blue eyes, and black hair. His wardrobe consists of a white shirt, black coat, dress pants and shoes (making one think of a tux), and a long red cape that he wears with the collar up. The cape is so long that it trails behind him like a peacock's train when he walks, and yet it somehow manages to pool perfectly around his feet when he's standing in place.
Ability: As is the case with all vampires, Vlad's speed, strength, and senses are heightened immensely and he is able to maintain flight even in his human form. He possesses a very strong will and he can use it to hypnotize people to do or think whatever he wants. Being one of the earliest vampires, he has taken to pushing himself to see how far he can go before he can't go on anymore, or how long he can go without blood to sustain himself before he absolutely needs to feed again. He is physically stronger than most vampires and he can last little over a week without blood whereas others can only last for three days.
Weaknesses: Despite having overcome many of his original limits, Vlad still has universal vampire weaknesses. He will start to burn up in the sun and will turn to dust if exposed to it for too long; he can go outside in the daytime, so as the sunlight doesn't touch him. He is repelled by the smell or touch of garlic and he can't stand the sight of holy symbols.

History: Vlad Draculea first gained notoreity in life, with his moniker "Vlad the Impaler." He was killed on December 18, 1476 at the age of 45, but he didn't stay dead. Vlad had to learn the basics of his new life alone since he had no one to guide him through it. As a result, he harmed many innocents without meaning to and got a number of enemies on his trail. Time taught him the value of discretion and worked hard to control his bloodlust.
Vlad took three wives over the years, all of whom died at the hands of those who still hunted him. He gained many lovers as well, though they never lasted long when they learned what he was. Some died to protect him, others vowed to destroy him in their anger and disgust. After a young English writer wrote about one such case, "Count Dracula" quickly became famous all over the world. With the changing of the times and people taking a more positive interest in so-called monsters, Dracula was better able to mix and mingle with humans and many of his pursuers disappeared from sight. But, there was one hunter who was still determined to put an end to the Count's long nights and after several close calls, he realized he would have to leave his long-time home.
Vlad learned of the Von Clarets and their school by pure accident and made arrangements to travel there by train. Upon arriving, he took on the position of Drama teacher at Blanditia Academy. What happens next, only time will tell.

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