About me: Ariellia Von Claret

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About me: Ariellia Von Claret

Post  Ariellia Von Claret on Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:10 am

Role play Character: Ariellia Von Claret
Non/Disney: Ariel (the little mermaid)
LA: Ariana grande, nina dobrev (as vampire)

Name: Ariellia Von Claret
Alias: Ariel, Ella
Sex: Female
Age: 116
Date of Birth: 31st of October,
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Student
Clan: The Von Claret
Residence: Von Claret castle

In school-
Specialty: Home Economics, Drama, Music, Gym
Limitations: Thirst Control Classroom, Science
Hobbies: Art, Drama, dancing,
Title: Little Miss Princess

About you-
Ability: Superior senses; excelled hearing, speed and strength
Weakness: Skin burns in the sunlight. She posses an incessant need to feed on blood. Wood (when breaks the skin) and a herb (vervain) are effective weapons against her. A wooden stake through the heart will kill her. Having a kind heart making her weak as a vampire for they do not care.
Ariel can't handle animal blood, she ends up throwing it up. Her mother doesn't know if it's a curse that her daughter can't drink of animals and only has to have human blood. But not from a bag if that was the case she could go to a hospital and gather lots of human blood bags for her daughter but Ariel can't hold that down as well. Seems like she has to have blood from the human no other way but it doesn't stop her mom in trying to get her daughter to control handling the taste of animal blood.
Ariellia Von Claret

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