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About Me:Chel Carson

Post  Chel on Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:37 pm

Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Chel from The Road to El Dorado
LA: Unknown

Name: Chel Carson
Sex: Female.
Age: She is physically and mentally 18 but is really over 4000 years old.
Date of Birth:April 13th
Occupation: Student.
Clan: None.
Residence: South America
Reason why you came:She just needed a place to escape from all the mess she has created in the past,like starting many wars against humans, and to get away from her dad's abuse.

In school-
Specialty: Environmental Science, Psychology,History.
Limitations: Algebra
Hobbies: Creating potions,Landscape Photography,Dancing,Having fun.

About you-
Personality: Open-minded,Reliable, Sympathetic(sometimes), Clumsy,Social,Sneaky,Doesn't let people take advantage of her,seductive(Depends),
Appearance: Pure Black Hair, Sleeveless crop top, Skirt with left and right openings, golden squared earrings,and bangle bracelets
Ability:She used to have the power of empathy. With that now gone, she is focusing on her element she received at birth, Earth. She can grow plant life because she has a bond with the environment. Creates minerals, controls dirt movements,causes earthquakes etc.etc.
History: Ever since she was born, her father had always forced her into manipulating emotions of humans making her be the reason of many wars against them. She was abused when she did anything wrong making her be self-disciplined. She always had a bond with nature since it's her birth element but she never actually spent time on controlling it since her father was always training her to kill off the human population by spreading hatred. She grew up tired of only feeling hatred and agony so she decided to take that special power of hers out. Placing it in a shell,she felt relieved and free. Not so long passed, and the shell broke creating a pixie. Knowing what her father would do, she decided to run away from the whole mess. Without her dad being around, she feels like a whole new person and she needs to truly find herself without having the limitations.

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