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Post  Jim Hawkins on Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:56 pm

Name: Jim Hawkins
Alias: Elijah (Eli) Blake
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 21st of November, 1994
Race: Human
Occupation: Student
Clan: -
Residence: Town of Montressor
Desire: -
Fear: Losing his mother and going back to Juvenile Hall

Representation of your Roleplay Character-

Non/Disney: Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet
LA: Munro Chambers (Elijah (Eli) Goldsworthy from Degrassi: The Next Generation)

In school-

Anything creative: art, music, drama, creative writing, poetry etc. He's intelligent, so he does well in most of his classes. He is fairly skilled in anything sporty, however if he's up against supernatural creatures, it won't appear so.

Any classes that relate to the supernatural, since he's a human and does not possess any magical/supernatural abilities.
Hobbies: Creative writing, listening to and creating music, drama.
Title: He hasn't been labelled as anything yet and doesn't care for labelling people anyway.

About you-

He suffers from bipolar, therefore he suffers from extreme mood swings when he doesn't take his medication. He is usually friendly towards people who reciprocate this. He's blunt and won't hold back when telling people the truth, in other words, he speaks his mind. He won't stand to being insulted without retaliating, no matter the person's size, age, background, gender, etc. He's intuitive, intelligent and witty. He's one to hold grudges and will always get his revenge, no matter the situation. He's not judgemental of others - he doesn't label or judge others by their social status and behaviour at school. If you're nice to him, he will be nice back. But if you get on his nerves, don't expect him to be nice to you.

He has black/dark brown hair, a rat tail and dark green eyes. He's slender, but fairly toned and he's of average height for a male of his age. He's usually seen in dark clothing which represents his mood for the majority of the time.

He doesn't have any supernatural abilities, since he's human. He's good at writing, drama, music - basically anything creative.

He's human. He's moody and he's sarcastic/a smart ass which can often lead into him getting into trouble with others. Although he's not judgemental of others, he speaks his mind, which can often come across as being judgemental although that's not what he intends.


Before Blanditia Academy, he and his mother owned an Inn in the Town of Montressor. It wasn't the most luxurious lifestyle, serving others and constantly doing chores, but it was necessary to survive. His father had left at a young age, which was a contributing factor to the development of the illness, bipolar. He not only developed this illness, but he also began to hoard. He couldn't bear to throw any thing out, no matter what it was, rubbish, old clothes, old toys and anything else, in fear that he would feel that same emotion of when his father had left, alone and forgotten. When he became a teenager, his illness grew worse and he had to see a therapist, eventually being prescribed pills to regulate his rapid mood swings. At this stage he had also been going through depression and would constantly keep to himself, dress in dark coloured clothing, get into fights at school often and do everything his mother told him not to do. After a few visits to Juvenile Hall, his depression had been somewhat bettered and his bipolar was being managed. However, they had to resort in moving into a family friend's home, when their Inn was vandalised and burned to the ground by some delinquents at his school. This move drastically changed his attitude and behaviour, returning back to his 'bad boy' persona. His mother threatened him with a permanent move to Juvenile Hall after he vandalised school property and got into a fight with a group of students who were, supposedly, the very people who burned down the Inn. This resulted in him packing his things and running away from home in the dead of the night. He went to his therapist who, after some time, had grown to be a constant reliability for Jim. He didn't tell her his situation, he lied and told her he was moving back to Juvenile Hall and would need her to supply him with the amount of medication he would need for his stay. She complied, much to his relief and he fled again, after collecting his medication. He wandered for a couple of days, living off of some money he had stolen from his mother's purse and from what he had been saving doing chores in the Inn. He stumbled across Blanditia Academy randomly, on his venture, where he was confronted and taken in by Athena. She accepted him into the school, not revealing her reason as to why or that it was for magical/supernatural beings.

Now, he has no awareness that he is attending a school full of vampires, shape shifters, fairies, wizards and many other supernatural entities. No one knows that he is human and he was advised not to share any personal information. He had to change his name from Jim Hawkins to Elijah Blake, to avoid any suspicion from the other students.
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About me: Elijah Blake Empty Re: About me: Elijah Blake

Post  Ariellia Von Claret on Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:56 pm

(looks like he needs an update XDD so does ariel :/ XDD
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