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Post  Hiccup Hanndok on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:01 pm

Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon
LA: Josh Hutcherson

Name: Hiccup Handdok
Alias: Hiccup
Sex: Male
Age: 17 years old
Date of Birth: November 16
Race: Human
Clan: Vikings
Residence:Isle of Berk
Reason why you came: His father doesn't want him to make a mess of things anymore,so he sent him to a place where he could do no harm or learn a thing a two about fighting.

In school-
Specialty: He isn't really good at anything,but he has a bit of determination,depending on what. He also knows a little about dragons and is constructive.
Limitations: He isn't physically strong and can easy be pushed over since he doesn't like to start problems with others. He isn't a sociable person to be around with.
Hobbies: He like to build things.
Title: Pushover

About you-
Personality: He is very clumsy, smart, awkward,and is constantly creating inventions for various uses. He would like to gain recognition or at least have someone like him for who he is. Usually he gets into trouble for trying to hard though. He can be a leader at times and is a strategist. His observation skills are very useful at times. He will usually makes sarcastic remarks with a dry sense of humor which is why he isn't very social.
Appearance: His hair is medium length,dark auburn, and has green eyes. He is far from muscular compared to other viking his age. He wears dark green pants, a green tunic that reaches to his mid-thigh, a brown belt where he also keeps a small knife, a brown vest-like fur coat, and typical Viking-style boots.
Ability: He can create things
Weakness: His strength and social life

History: As a Viking, he was never part of the group. While everyone was attacking the dragons, he was never able to do so. He was always treated as an outcast because of his strength. That made him grow determination on being 'one of them'. One day, his father has had enough of him causing problems every time they went dragon hunting. It always ended up with a chaos making his father look for a place where he couldn't do much harm to start with. That's when he found Blanditia and quickly made it a priority for Hiccup to go.

About Me: Hiccup Handdok Tumblr_mgheqe7apt1r6hoj2o1_500

About Me: Hiccup Handdok Tumblr_makcxkP9um1rftr3qo1_500
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