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Sweet tooth (Tag:Anyone!!) Empty Sweet tooth (Tag:Anyone!!)

Post  Rapunzel on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:21 pm

Once she got things organized in her dorm, she fixed up her hair into a doubled-up braid to explore the town easier. She learned how to do it in a town she passed by while looking for Blanditia by a couple of little girls. As she walked around the town with a slight skip to her step, she glanced at the shop called Sally's Sweets before coming to a stop when she noticed it was a shop of candies. She smiled brightly and quickly rushed to the door to open it.Once inside, her eyes widened at all the kinds of candy they sold. "Whoa." She chuckled while her eyes darted around at all sweets as she tried to decide what she could pick. "Ooo!" A small gasp emerged from her throat as she saw chocolate chips making her immediately think of cookies. Grabbing a small bag, she poured a handful of chocolate chips in it before tying it up. "Now, all I need is the rest of the ingredients." She breathed out as she ran a hand through her hair with a smirk. Where would she even be able to bake them? Especially seeing that the school's kitchen is only used to cook lunches, at least from what she knows since she still didn't know the full rules. Pouting, she continued to look for some sweets she could have fun with while thinking of a place she would be able to bake.

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Sweet tooth (Tag:Anyone!!) Empty Re: Sweet tooth (Tag:Anyone!!)

Post  Rahim Sahib on Mon May 20, 2013 3:51 pm

Rahim entered the Sweet shop for the first time. He had come thinking about buying something to give as a present for his lover. The only problem was he hadn't asked Alidia what kinds of sweets she liked, wanting this to be a surprise, and all the selections looked so tempting.

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