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Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Prince Edward from Enchanted
LA: James Marsden

Name: Prince Edward
Alias: Edward
Sex: Male
Age: 20 years old
Date of Birth: October 23rd, 1992
Race: Human
Occupation: Student
Residence: Andalasia
Reason why you came: To find his one true love.

In school-
Specialty: He'd probably be good at drama, considering he's a dramatic guy.
Limitations: He's innocent, naive and a bit of an air head. In other words, he's stupid. He is very gullible - he'll believe anything you tell him.
Hobbies: Finding his one true love, one who can finish his duet. Riding his horse, Destiny and sword-fighting.
Title: - ?

About you-
Personality: Edward is clumsy, slow, simple-minded, naive and an innocently narcissistic prince. He appears to have jumped straight from a fairy tale. He's on search of his one true love and will not rest until he finds her. He's gullible, as mentioned before, and calls everyone who is not royalty, peasants.
Appearance: Edward has brown, wavy hair and blue eyes. He wears a red long sleeved top with overly large, puffy, red and golden striped shoulder pads, along with tight red pants, brown boots and gloves and a golden holster for his sword. He can also be seen carrying a sword, which he uses to threaten those he is unsure of.
Ability: He knows how to use a sword...
Weakness: Read his personality, I think you can get the picture.

Prince Edward grew up in the land of Andalasia, filled with singing people and animals, strong beliefs and is a place that revolves around finding your one true love, your soul mate. He met and rescued a fair maiden, named Giselle, who finished his duet - therefore giving them reason to become engaged that very day, Edward exclaiming: "We shall be married in the morning!" However, an old, wicked hag tricked his beloved, pushing her into a well, which was secretly a portal to another world. Once her sidekick, Pip, informed Edward of the old hags treacherous crime, he dived in after her, along with his horse, Destiny, determined to find his princess. The portal, however, did not take him to the same place Giselle had been taken to. In fact, the portal had taken Edward to a country, Italy. He trecked across the country on his valiant steed, discovering a castle - Blanditia Academy - and now, he hopes to find his Giselle here.

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Hmm a perfect snack for Edward :3
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