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Role play Character-
Non/Disney:Rapunzel from Tangled
LA: Hayden Panettiere
Name: Rapunzel Mayflower
Alias: Punz
Sex: Female
Age: 18 years old
Date of Birth: March 30
Race: She has the blood of a unicorn mixed with that of a human
Occupation: Student
Residence: Europe
Reason why you came: She didn't want to be kept hidden from the world and found a place where there was no shame in being someone out of the ordinary.

In school-

Specialty: Pottery, Painting, Sketching, Knitting, Healing,Astronomy
Limitations: She isn't really good with fighting, Math, and History
Hobbies: Anything that has to do with art. Playing games.

About you-

Personality: Rapunzel is very high spirited which is why she is called 'childish' and 'immature' on many occasions ,but in reality she is just looking for some amusement. She is a clever, kind, ambidextrous, playful young woman even though she is a bit naive at times. She can be bubbly and extremely social when she is filled with joy ,but when she in a bad mood, she is hidden about it since she doesn't like getting others into her problems. Not many thing can bring her down since she likes to see the positive side of things. She doesn't like being bossed around and being around those who are serious which is why she likes being around children. Some people say that she is very stubborn when it comes to getting the things she has her mind set to. She isn't afraid to stand up for others nor herself since she developed a strong sense of independence.
Appearance: She has 70ft long golden blonde hair that glows when she sings a specific tune that can heal any wound. Normally, she has it in a long ,flower decorated, double-up braid that almost reaches the floor to make it easier for her to move around. She wears a purple dress with lavender bodice and pink sleeves. Ability: She can heal any kind of wound by singing a tune while her hair is in contact with the injury. Although she does have the blood of a unicorn, she can't actually shape-shift into one because of her DNA leaning towards more of her father's side, a human. But since she still has the blood of a unicorn within her, from her mother, she can have the ability that unicorns are known for which is healing. Instead of a unicorn horn, she has her hair to heal though.
Weakness: If her hair was cut, it will lose its power and turn into a chocolate brown color, which both of her parents have.

History: When she was born, her father didn't know that her mother was a full unicorn shape-shifter and was never able to find out. This was because when he first laid eyes on Rapunzel, he realized that she had golden blonde hair making him feel betrayed by his wife. He thought that his wife cheated on him because both of their families only had chocolate brown hair from generation to generation, and since a daughter was born with golden hair, it couldn't have been his. He let Rapunzel's mother explain herself, but she didn't even understand why she gave birth to a blonde. Since she couldn't explain, he left his family without a trace and it's still unknown to his whereabouts. After a couple years, her mother found out about her healing abilities with her abnormally long hair. She knew Rapunzel couldn't turn into unicorn even though she was partially one making her confused to the situation. Once she cut a strand of her hair, it turned brown and immediately lost the power of healing. That's when she understood why Rapunzel came out with golden hair. She knew people would become greedy and moved with Rapunzel to a mansion she bought for her daughter's saftey. Rapunzel was never able to leave the place. Once she turned 18, she already had every wall painted with and had run out of ideas to entertain herself. Until one night, she heard faint whispers talking about an Academy that held magical creatures. She quickly became interested and thought it would be the perfect place to get to know the outside world. She escaped from her household and crept in the shadows to the location of the Academy.

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