The Prefect Gift for an awesome sister (Tag Ariel)

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The Prefect Gift for an awesome sister (Tag Ariel)

Post  Alidia Hendly-Sahib on Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:38 pm

Alidia was sitting down at a booth nervously playing with her hair or the box she had Ariel's present in and her charms with the holograms. She was shaking. "Well, Ariel like her present?" Alidia thought as she opened the music note charm to make Ariel's hologram appear. Alidia smiled. Ariel was so beautiful. Jim was lucky to find her.
That made Alidia think she opened Jim's charm and made his hologram appear.

They are surely the couple of the year Alidia thought. Then her attention was broken when she heard the song that played in her heart. And she closed the charms.

Hopefully Ariel got the note to meet her in the karaoke bar. Alidia wondered what to drink and her wondering eyes stopped at the dark red bottle that said "Tru Blood". "I wonder," Alidia said to herself and she called a waitress and ordered it. And here it came.

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