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Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Cinderella from Cinderella (1, 2 & 3)
LA: Marilyn Monroe

Name: Cinderella Monro
Alias: Cindy, Ella
Sex: Female
Age: 20 years old. Really, she is around 89 years old.
Date of Birth: 21st of May, 1923
Race: Witch
Occupation: Maid
Residence: She was born in England and lived there for most of her life.
Reason why you came: the Academy is in need of a clean up!

Specialty: Since she's a witch, she can use her basic powers to help her clean. She's actually a really intelligent person, however her job only requires her to clean, so that's what she does.
Limitations: She's rather quiet and tends to keep to herself, although she'll address people if they talk to her. She's also very secretive and has often been caught in situations where she has overheard other people's secrets, which tends to make her a bit cautious around others as well as making it difficult for her to trust people.

Personality: Cinderella is generally quiet and can be shy at times, depending on the social situation. She is friendly towards all, which can often result in people walking all over her and using her for their advantage. She is fair and doesn't judge a book by it's cover. She likes to see the good in people rather than the mistakes they've made and is considered as more of a listener rather than a talker. She can also be sarcastic, when confronted with things that displease her.

Appearance: she has blonde, wavy, medium length hair, which is often either down or tied back into a low ponytail with a ribbon. She has bright blue eyes, framed with dark and long eyelashes. She is fair skinned and is dressed in her usual cleaning outfit: a medium length brown skirt, darker brown top with blue sleeves, slip on shoes and a white apron.

Ability: her magical ability allows her to make objects come to life in order to help her with her cleaning; although they could be used for other purposes.
Weakness: her powers are limited; she can merely make objects move at her command. She can't bend water or create fire, or any thing like that.

(Pretty much the story of Cinderella - minus the prince and fairy tale ending)

Born in the 1920's, Cinderella was raised by her widowed father in England up until she was five, when he died due to the spread of Influenza. She was begrudgingly taken in by her step-mother at the time and was treated almost like a slave. Her step sisters and mother were cold to her and often made fun of her looks and strange magical abilities out of jealousy. They often got her to do chores, always keeping her on her feet rather than letting her have time to herself to grieve the loss of her father. She had to endure this for the next thirteen years. Once she turned eighteen, she ran. She flew to Italy and got a job at a diner, working as a waitress and cleaner. After a year or so of doing this, she received an offer to work as the maid at Blanditia. She instantly took the job, after hearing so much positive reviews of the school.

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