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Role play character: Tulio Medina
Non/Disney: Tulio from the Road to El Dorado
LA: Damien Sargue

Name: Tulio Medina
Sex: Male
Age: Physically, 20. Mentally, 87.
Race: Zombie
Occupation: Science Teacher
Reason Why You Came: To put his past behind him

Specialty: Tulio, simply put, is smart as hell. Living for almost 90 years can do that to a dude. He's learned a whole lot of things and is practically like a walking encyclopedia.
Limitations: Is skittish around social situations. Is tight-lipped about his past.

Personality: Since Tulio's had such a rough life, he's very cautious when it comes to interacting with people. Granted, he's willing to interact with his students since he's a teacher and he has to, but social situations freak him out. He's very quiet, often reading some kind of book. He's also not big on physical contact besides formal stuff like shaking hands. He finds it hard to trust people, so he often has to be poked and prodded, literally and figuratively, to open up about anything. He gets nervous around bodies of water, whether it be the pool or the ocean. But rivers get him especially queasy. If you do get on his good side though, he'll be loyal 'til the end and will do everything he can to help you. He can also be an enthusiastic person if you find something in common with him.
Appearance: Tulio's a skinny guy, with black hair that's always in a ponytail and blue eyes. His skin is a bit pale since he's a zombie and all. He often has dark circles under his eyes.
Ability: Cannot be killed except through scientific means. This means that if he gets shot, gets an arm chopped off, falls off a building, he won't die.
Weakness: This is more of a personal phobia, but he gets queasy around bodies of water.

History: Tulio's had it rough, really rough. He came to New Orleans to try and make it as a novelist. But he fell in love with a girl named Sara. When she became pregnant, he promised that he would marry her and take care of their child. But, she and the kid died in childbirth. It traumatized Tulio beyond belief. The possibility of finally having love and a family kept haunting his mind. Finally, he couldn't deal with his pain anymore and decided to take his own life. He threw himself into a river and drowned. But, a scientist named Mok found him. Mok had been working on bringing people back to life for a while, so he decided to do the same for Tulio. When Tulio awoke again, he was a member of the undead. Mok kept him in his lab for ten years. It was hell-hole for Tulio. The only company he had was a crazy scientist and his failed creations. But, he was still frightened to leave because he had no idea how the world would accept him. But, an angry mob showed up at Mok's lab, apparently finding out about the madman's experiments and determined to get rid of him once for all. Tulio managed to escape and watched Mok's laboratory burn. He's wandered around ever since, keeping to himself. He decided that as long as he was alive, he would try to make the most of it. So, he threw himself into books and tried to learn everything he could as much as possible. Learning new things distracted him from his horrible past and what he had become. Then, he heard about Blanditia Academy. He decided to sign up as a science teacher. He has a lot of knowledge about the subject, especially since science was how he came to be. He hopes that helping others will help him put his past behind him, permanently.
Tulio Medina
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