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OOC: I'm joining their bio's together, since they're twins and it's just easier xD

Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Dimitri from Anastasia and Cale Tucker from Titan A.E.
LA: Leonardo Dicaprio (young)

Name: Dimitri and Cale Tucker
Alias: Dimitri, Dim, mitri, Cale
Sex: Male
Age: 18 years old - Dimitri is ten minutes older. They're both really 102 years old.
Date of Birth: 22nd of September, 1910
Race: Shape shifters (Lion: Kovu)
Occupation: Students
Clan/family: They don't have a clan. They're twins.
Residence: They lived in Russia for most of their life, but they were born in Africa (due to being lion shape shifters)
Reason why you came: They came to the Academy because they wanted to discover if the rumours were true about a school for the supernatural. They also wanted to get away from Russia and the orphanage and decided to travel throughout Italy - where they stumbled across Blanditia Academy.

In school-
Specialty: Dimitri is good at anything artistic; drama, art, music etc. He is very fond of drama and loves to write his own plays - his favourite subject would be Drama. Cale is good at anything to do with handy work: mechanics, etc. So his favourite subject would be Home Economics.
Limitations: They both struggle with each other's passions. For example: Dimitri struggles with anything to do with mechanics and engineering, whereas Cale struggles with anything artistic.
Hobbies: Dimitri enjoys writing: plays, stories, etc. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends, teasing his younger brother, listening to music and being outdoors. Cale enjoys listening to music, hanging out with others, being outdoors and playing sports.
Title: The twins

About you-
Personality: Dimitri would be considered the more playful and outgoing one out of the two. However he can sometimes come off as being a bit obnoxious and stubborn. He dislikes when things don't go the way he plans: unless the outcome is good. He's one of those, "I told you so" people. Cale is a bit quieter than his older (by ten minutes) twin. However, this doesn't mean he's shy, because he isn't. He isn't afraid of others, even if they're twice the size or double the strength. He's always up for a fight. However, he's also kind and caring and accepting of others.

Appearance: Dimitri and Cale are twins, so they pretty much look the same. There are a few details that are different: Dimitri has a bit longer and brown hair, Cale has blonde hair. Dimitri and Cale both have brown eyes, however Dimitri's is darker. They both have athletic builds and are tall. In their lion forms, they have dark brown fur and an even darker brown coloured mane. Dimitri's lion form has dark, almost black, brown eyes and Cale's lion form has light brown eyes and a lighter colour at the tip of his tail.

Ability: They can both shape shift into a lion (Kovu). Since they're male lions, they're stronger than most and can cause fatal injuries to their opponents when in a brawl. They also tend to team up, due to being close & twins, which can provide as both a strength and a weakness when up against enemies.

Weakness: Dimitri's obnoxiousness can often get him into trouble, as well as Cale's aggressiveness when it comes to physical activity. When they're both fighting against enemies, their bond/sibling relationship can come as a weakness, because they are always looking out for one another.

Born in Africa, Dimitri and Cale were raised in a pack of shape shifting lions until they were five. A group of Russian poachers found the two boys playing near a riverbed, shocked that the two young boys were out in the wild. The twins were then taken, with the poachers, back to Russia and sent to grow up in an orphanage until they ran away at the age of 16. They travelled across Europe, feeling like they belonged some where else; since they couldn't remember growing up in Africa. However, they always ended up back in Russia and back in the orphanage, always managing to be caught by the authorities; mostly due to Cale's aggressive antics and Dimitri's stubbornness. At the age of 18, they were finally allowed to leave of their own free will and decided to travel through Italy. They picked up on rumours of an Academy for the strange and supernatural and decided to go check it out, in hopes that they would feel like they belong somewhere.
Dimitri and Cale Tucker
Dimitri and Cale Tucker

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