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About Me: Claire Winters

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Role play Character - Claire Winters
Non/Disney: Persephone (from Wonder Woman 2009)

Name: Claire Marie Winters
Alias: -
Sex: Female
Age: 214 at the time of her turning she was 27 years old
Date of Birth: January 13th 1798
Race: vampire (turned, so used to be a human, a hunter)
Occupation: hunting teacher
Clan: her loyalties lie with the von Clarets
Residence: She lived in a cottage in Finland before she was summoned here as a teacher
Reason why you came: Athena asked her to teach

In school-
Specialty: Hunting, fighting, traveling, survival skills
Limitations: art, litterature, domestic stuff

About you-
Personality: Loyal to the people who treat her well. She is patient and cares for people, but usually sounds grumpy when she tries to show it. She has a strong senses of honour, and is fearless infront of death.
Appearance: Blonde, almost white hair she has combed so that the bangs cover her injured right eye that is blind.
Ability: Superior senses; excelled hearing, speed and strength. Hunting skills, and know how to use weapons.
Weakness: Sunlight, wooden weapons, vervain, her hunger for blood. And you can seriously tick her off if you start digging into her hunter past or her eye.

History: She was born into a hunter family, trained to become a hunter of the supernatural from birth, eventhough women weren't expected to do much than to get married to a hunter and pass on the legacy.
She however showed her abilities and was taken in to the hunting groups.
She had been thaught that the supernatural creatures were all evil, feelingless beasts without honour and morals.

She was proved wrong when they one night in 1825 she invaded into a vampire nest with her hunting partners. However everything didn't go as planned when they were losing the fight. She got seriously injured, losing her right eye in the process.
She pleaded for her fellow hunters to help, but they ran off, leaving her to die. She cursed the hunters, expecting the vampires to deliver her death to her, wishing she would come back as a ghost to pay back to the hunters. The vampires didn't kill her.
Athena von Claret stepped forward and helped her. Her injuries being too severe to heal on their own, Athena offered to turn her to a vampire to help the healing. Claire accepted the offer, thinking she could atleast survive.
Later when she got to know the vampires she came to the conclusion the supernaturals she had once helped destroy weren't as bad as she had been led to believe. Rather now she believes the hunters are the evil ones.
She befriended Athena, keeping in contact with her while she traveled around the world, meeting new people and learning new things.
She was in Finland when she got a letter from Athena to come to the school to teach.
Claire Winters

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