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Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Peter Pan
LA: Jeremy Sumpter

Name: Peter Pan
Alias: Peter
Sex: Male
Age: 15 years old. However he is really over 200 years old. (Yeah I made him 15. Wutofit? (; )
Date of Birth: 24th of December
Race: Fairy
Occupation: Student
Clan: -
Residence: Neverland
Reason why you came: He lost his shadow.

In school-
Specialty: drama, art, flying, music.
Limitations: anything that involves having to do work. He doesn't have a big concentration span - if any.
Hobbies: having fun, pulling pranks, flying, teasing, playing the pan pipes.
Title: I don't know o.o

About you-
Personality: Peter is very mischievous. He gets himself into trouble a lot, due to his love of pulling pranks on others. He doesn't like when situations get serious; however he does enjoy a good fight at times - if his opponent is worthy enough. He is friendly towards most people, polite and can often act childish; which might put some people off.
Appearance: Peter has red, shaggy hair and dark brown eyes. He is fair skinned and slim, and is average in height. He is often seen wearing green and carrying a dagger in case he needs to defend himself.
Ability: He can fly, which serves as an advantage against enemies who can't.
Weakness: He doesn't really have any other talents; he's not a shape shifter, he doesn't have magical abilities or super speed/strength.

Long story short: he lived in Never land until his shadow ran away - which provided to be an inconvenience (imagine not having a shadow :O). So, he ventured across the globe, searching in every nook and cranny he could find, before deciding to look in Blanditia Academy. The place seemed somewhat appealing to him and the students and teachers seemed interesting and friendly enough, so he stayed - however he's still looking for his shadow.

(This is so bad. I'm sorry, but I'm tired and I'll fix it all up later on xD)
Peter Pan
Peter Pan

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