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Roleplay Character:
Non/Disney: John Rolfe (Pocahontas 2)
Live Action: Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Name: Oren Pinetree
Alias: N/A
Sex: Male
Age: 1378
DOB: December 21st 634 CE
Race: Seelie Fae (Light "Blessed" Fairy)
Occupation: Teacher; Fairy Magic
Clan: The Seelie Court ruled by King Oberon and Queen Tatiana
Residence: The Isle of Avalon
Reason Why You Came: To keep a watchful eye on the Princess of the Unseelie Court

Specialty: Illusions, springtime magic (making things grow), Close range combat
Limiations: Dark Magic, water and Iron
Hobbies: Oren does not have hobbies, he spends his free time training or meditating

About You --
Personality: Oren is rather serious and aloof, he has been alive for so long that the world no longer holds any mystery for him. Unlike the rest of the fae folk he finds humans and other mainland creatures to be boring and trite. While the Seelie Court is fond of bringing humans into their midst for a time, Oren thinks it a useless exercise.

Oren does not get angry, he gets even, he can be just as malicious as his Unseelie cousins if he feels he has been offended.

Since Oren has been alive for so long he does not fall in love easily, lust maybe, but he has not been in love for nearly a millennia and he has been known to prefer men over women.

Appearance: Long caramel coloured hair that is typically restrained at the nape of his neck. His eyes are pine needle green and he is slender but well built like most fae folk.
Ability: Creates life-like illusions, for himself he will usually create a quiet evergreen forest. For others he will create a likeness of the Seelie Court, complete with a never ending banquet.
Weakness: Water, Iron and the Cold

History: Oren was born the illegitimate son of King Oberon, through one of his affairs with a female fae near the beginning of his rein, long before the King married Queen Tatiana. When Oren came of age at about three Hundred years, Oberon gave him a position in the Seelie Court's Royal Guard. The young fae quickly moved through the ranks and after four hundred years of loyal service Oren was named the King's Champion.

Oren served the court faithfully and while he was young he took great pleasure in bringing humans and other creatures before the court for entertainment. But after a few hundred years the repetitious nature of his station began to bore him. So when Oberon demanded that his brother's rebellious daughter be sent away, Oren took the opportunity to be the King's eyes in the school, to keep watch on the Unseelie Princess and keep her from causing too much trouble.
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