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Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Kidagakash Nedakh from Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire
LA: Unknown – Any ideas?

Name: Kidagakash Nedakh

Alias: Kida

Sex: Female

Age: 17 years old (Really around 200-300 years old. She doesn’t keep count).

Date of Birth: 1st of January.

Race: Witch/Sorcerer.

Occupation: Student.

Clan: Atlanteans – people of Atlantis.

Residence: City of Atlantis.

Reason why you came: She was sent to Blanditia Academy by her uncle, so that the school could help her improve her magical abilities in order to help her uncle’s evilnesssssss.
In school-

Specialty: Anything athletic. Spells, Supernatural History, Languages and Hunting.

Limitations: English and Mathematics. Due to her knowledge of nearly every language, she finds it difficult not to confuse certain words from different languages.

Hobbies: She finds mostly anything entertaining. She loves exploring, adventures, sports, etc.

Title: -

About you-

Personality: Kida is usually very friendly and eager to meet new people. She’s kind hearted and considerate of others, always willing to be there for those who struggle or need advice. She can be stubborn and forceful, when she wants something. Due to her knowledge of combat and her strong-willed/stubborn personality, she can be very aggressive if she wants to be. She won’t stand for bullying and won’t hold back in a fight if threatened.

Kida is slender, she has long white hair, fairly tanned skin, blue eyes, blue tattoos under her left eye (which are her tribe’s tradition), small gold earrings, wears blue outfit and is often barefoot.

When it comes to witchcraft/sorcery, she is unsure of which element she possesses. She can control water – she can walk on water and control the current. When threatened, her crystal necklace sometimes lights up and creates a force field to protect her and those close to her. She can heal wounds with her crystal necklace – by touching the crystal on the wound and then placing her palm over it.

She’s unsure of which elements are her weaknesses, since she hasn’t experienced a time around any other sorcerers. However, she dislikes using her powers, since her uncle abused them for his own desires. Her necklace is pretty much her life source; if tampered with or damaged, the results could be life threatening for her.

Kida was raised in the Lost City of Atlantis by her mother and father, the King and Queen of Atlantis. Due to unknown reasons, her mother was killed when she was young, leaving her to be raised by her grieving father. Her father’s brother, Tzekel-Kan, helped raise her when her father grew ill and in time, died. Soon after her father died, her uncle became King and discovered of Kida’s unusual powers. His lust for power and dominance eventually lead him to the belief that her and her powers could help him overrule many neighbouring kingdoms and eventually other countries. He tried training her up, abusing her and her powers so that he could gain whatever he desired. However, due to her limited skills and knowledge of her own powers at the time, she couldn’t do much to help. Her uncle sent her to Blanditia Academy, in hopes that the school can help her improve her powers and talents, to help him in his quest for world domination. Kida intends to stay at the school – wanting no input in her uncle’s over-achieving plan.

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