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About Me: Terra

Post  Terra on Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:17 pm

Role play Character: Terra
Non/Disney: Terra
LA: Avril Lavigne

Name: Terra (she doesn't know her last name)
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Date of Birth: January 27
Race: Human, but has powers. She can control the earth.
Occupation: Student
Clan: The only family-like person she's had is Slade, but now, she wants to avoid him at all costs
Residence: Lived in England, has lived a life on the run ever since
Reason why you came: To escape from Slade and start her life anew

In school-
Specialty: Anything physical. A life on the run can do that to a girl. Terra knows how to fight, and do it well.
Limitations: She's shaky on academic stuff. Also, she's not in complete control of her powers, so things can get messy if that happens
Hobbies: Listening to music, skipping rocks, daydreaming
Title: Loner

About you-
Personality: Terra acts friendly enough to those she meets, but it takes her a very long time to trust people. Slade has been the only other person she's trusted, and look how well that turned out. She prefers to be alone most of the time and usually has to be pushed to participate in group events. She's lived a rough life and has been in with some bad crowds before, so if you name it, she's probably done it. She's a bit fearful of adults because of her time with Slade. However, if she sees any bullies hurting people, she'll flip her lid. She still has a hard time controlling her powers, so any outburst of those will make her freak out a bit.
Appearance: Terra has long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She's pretty skinny and sometimes wears a butterfly clip in her hair.
Ability: She can control the earth. This includes rock, mud, dirt, sand, concrete, etc.
Weakness: Even though metal comes from ores in the earth, she can't control it.

History: Terra's had it rough. She's been in a foster home all her life. She has no idea who her parents are. She doesn't even have a last name. She's had her powers her whole life, so she was often secluded from the other kids. But when she was fourteen, Slade found her. He told her that he would look after her, and so she ran away to stay with him. At first, she was happy. But then, he started using her to break the law: hurt people, steal things, etc. At first, Terra did these things without question because she wanted to please Slade. But then, she found out that he really didn't care about her at all, that he just wanted to use her powers for his own selfish means. She was afraid to leave him at first because she had no where else to go, but when Slade kept making her do bad things and abused her whenever she didn't, she realized that she would have to take her chances in the outside world. So, she left. But Slade has been following her everywhere she goes. So far, she's managed to fight him off, but she dreads the day when she won't be able to. She heard about Blanditia Academy and figured that it would be a good place to hide and make a fresh start.

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