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Role play Character-
Non/disney: Toph - Avatar: The last Airbender

Name: Toph Hwang
Alias: Toph
Sex: female
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 04 December
Race: shaman
As a Shaman, Toph controls the Earth and she can have visions of the future. After the visions she receives for a short time her sight back.
Occupation: Student
Clan: Hwang Family
Residence: Hong Kong
Reason why you came: Toph wanted to go in the same school like her brother and terrorized her father, until he relented.

In school-
Specialty: magic, future telling, sports
Limitations: maths, english, history, creative writting
Hobbies: doing pranks, stalking people, spend time with her brother, go for a walk
Title:the stalking one *dum dum duuuum* X'D

About you-
Personality: The girl is a cheerful one, but is a little "crazy" she likes to stalk people and to play pranks. She is very sarcastic and looks at the first glance arrogant but that is only a lack of interest. She only has eyes for her brother and is therefore often the victim of her stalking. But Toph has a gentle side too and if she starts to like a guy Toph is very shy and doesn't know what to say. Furthermore, Toph is very courageous and is a girl of action. Did I mention that Toph hates rules? XD
Ability: Toph has Visions from the Future and gets her sight for a short time back, her shaman skills allows her to use earth magic and has an seismic sense.
Weakness: blind, water (can't wim),
History: Toph is the second child from Cho but she don't sahre the same mother with Zuko. Since her birth she's blind but thanks to the dragon blood, Toph has improved senses like improved perception or hearing. With her shamanistic skills, Toph has Visions of the future and after that, she can see but only for a short time. Toph visited with Zuko the same human school but after Zukos fight he changed school and Toph decided to change too.


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