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Dimitri (Finished)

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Role play Character-
Non/Disney Rep: Artemis Crock from Young Justice
LA Rep: Hayden Panettierre

Name: Dimitri
Alias: None
Sex: Male
Age: 185-190
Date of Birth: Unknown
Race: Black Annis
Occupation: Staff member; landscaper
Clan: None
Residence: Unknown
Reason why you came: To escape human persecution and put his powers to good use.

In school-
Specialty: Dimitri is rather good at keeping to the shadows, so he can be stealthy when he deems it necessary.
Limitations: Any type of social interactions that require conversations, because he isn't very verbally-inclined.
Hobbies: Plant-sculpting, paper art, hair cutting, wood sculpting.

About you-
Race Information: Black Annises are a race of witches who live for hundreds to thousands of years naturally, or even tens of thousands of years if aided by magic. They are now much fewer in numbers due to the humans hunting them down for eating their children or livestock in the night, though there were never many beforehand, anyway. They do eat children, sometimes even their own, but because of their long life spans, they don't feel the need to reproduce too often, if at all.
The Annises are independent and territorial creatures, living very wide-spread throughout the world and often going decades without contact with any of their kind, especially when they've just had young ones and don't want them to be eaten. Once the children are old enough to fend for themselves and have been taught all of the spells they'll ever need to know, they're driven from their birth caves and sent off into the world. More often than naught, they never see their mothers again.
Personality: Dimitri was raised to be rather introverted, but while he does his best to mimic how the rest of his race acts, he simply isn't like them. He does like his privacy, but he just doesn't feel the need to go to the extreme lengths that his ancestors did, hence why he sought out the school instead of another cave to dwell in for the rest of his life. Because of his isolated upbringing, his social skills are obviously lackluster. He craves companionship and wishes to get close to people, but he's unsure of how to go about it. He often fights between his nature and his mother's teachings, and when an opportunity for companionship comes knocking, he usually panics and impulsively drives them away with defensive, smart-ass behavior somewhat consistent with how his mother would want him to behave, but without the unnecessary violence.
Appearance: In his true form, Dimitri has a tall and lean build with scraggly black hair, blue skin, and black eyes; he often wears a simple outfit made of black leather because it isn't as easy to ruin leather with his claws as it would be to slice right through a cotton shirt.
Ability: Dimitri's hands are fierce-looking, extremely sharp metal claws. He sometimes has trouble doing everyday things because of them, so he relies on spells to retain a human appearance as often as possible, though his nails are still quite sharp even then. He knows many spells, and knows the magic that is specific to his kind as well.
Weakness: His fear of hurting others because of what he is keeps him from trying to get close to people. He is truthfully very lonely, and would do anyone a favor if they gave him a smile and asked nicely, which makes him a bit of a pushover at times.

History: Dimitri is the only known MALE Black Annis to ever exist. His mother became pregnant with him in the same way that all of their kind does, through a special ritual that is performed in absolute solitude. She did abolutely nothing different from what her own mother taught her, but something went wrong, and Dimitri was born from it. Despite their antisocial nature, many Annises came from all around when the news spread of a male amongst the new generation, but they soon found out he was quite different from the rest of them. His claws were much longer than theirs were, he didn't turn to stone or burn in sunlight, he didn't have a craving for flesh like they did, and he actually enjoyed the company of others, while they only simply tolerated it when they were in the mood to do so.
He could however, still learn and perform spells just as they did, so his mother raised him as best as she could, and like all Annises, sent him off into the world once she had nothing left to teach him. He has not seen her since that day more than 150 years ago.
Dimitri came to the school within weeks of its opening, and works around the grounds as a landscaper of sorts, finding that making creations from the bushes is easy for him and also fun.


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