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Role play Character-
Non/Disney Rep: Artemis Crock from Young Justice
LA Rep: Hayden Panettierre

Name: Artemis Crock
Alias: None
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Date of Birth: September 15th, 1994
Race: Half-elf
Occupation: Student
Clan: None
Residence: United States
Reason why you came: Enrolled by her mother, in order to have a place to develop her powers and skills away from human judgement and persecution.

In school-
Specialty: Gym, Math, English, Hunting, Science
Limitations: Magic in general, especially elven magic. \
Hobbies: Archery, martial arts, listening to music, tending to plants.

About you-
Personality: Artemis can be quite serious, especially when she's studying or training, but she does know how to have fun when she wants to. She isn't a party-animal, but she isn't antisocial, either. She is confident in herself and doesn't care what others think of her, having taken that mentality years ago when she was bullied for coming out as a lesbian. She doesn't let people's misunderstandings of her sexuality get her down, and isn't afraid to tell a girl if she likes her, regardless of the girl's own sexual orientation.
Being half-elf, she's shorter than most people. However she doesn't let her height keep her from being fierce when she needs to be. She is fiercely protective of her loved ones, and won't hesitate to fight someone tooth and nail to keep them safe.
Appearance: Artemis is shorter than average height, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Her hair is almost always up in a ponytail, to that it stays out of her eyes.
Ability: She has the ability to cast some spells, but isn't very good at them. She is agile, quick, and skilled in archery along with several forms of martial arts.
Weakness: Artemis can be cocky and prideful at times, and she doesn't always like to admit when she's wrong. This often leads to a fight or hurt feelings on both sides of the argument, because she doesn't always think about what she's saying before she says it.

History: Artemis was raised by her human mother in the human world, getting an education through the system during the school year like a human child, but during her school breaks, she would go stay with her elvish father and learn the ways of the elves. She was taught speed, agility, quick reflexes, archery skills, and martial arts.
A few months prior to enrolling in the academy, Conner was placed in her mother's custody and things have never been the same. She considers him her little brother, although genetically and legally speaking, they aren't related, they're just under the same woman's custody.
She was enrolled in the school with Conner by a mysterious and unknown person, the same person who put Conner in her mother's care. She has never seen this mystery person, nor has Conner, instead they communicate to the person through an assistant who comes and goes with messages and paperwork.


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