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Conner Kent

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Role play Character-
Non/Disney Rep: Superboy/Conner Kent from Young Justice
LA Rep: Daniel Radcliffe

Name: Conner Kent
Alias: None
Sex: Male
Age: 4&1/2 months
Date of Birth: June 21st, 2012
Race: Half-angel
Occupation: Student
Clan: None
Residence: United States
Reason why you came: Enrolled by his guardian, in order to learn more about his race and to control his powers.

In school-
Specialty: Gym, Supernatural History, Math, English, Science
Limitations: Creative Writing, Art, Music, Drama
Hobbies: Working out, studying, brooding.

About you-
Personality: Conner is quiet when you first meet him, not really having much to say. He likes to come off as a loner, and doesn't really talk to anyone but Artemis. He has trouble expressing how he feels, which makes him feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable in situations that require social interaction. But a fiery temper lurks behind this boy's calm face, and he usually doesn't have any trouble expressing his anger towards someone, regardless of if they're the one who actually angered him, or not. When his temper is tested, he gets very impulsive and runs blindly into situations that don't always end in his favor. He also isn't fully aware of his own strength when he's angry. This lands him in trouble more often than he'd care to admit. He is also loyal to anyone he deems a friend, and will protect them with his life.
Appearance: Conner is a tall young man with a muscular build; he has pale skin, blue eyes, and short black hair. He doesn't put in significant effort into his appearance, but doesn't really like to look like a slob, either. On a regular day, he wears a simple t-shirt with jeans and boots, sometimes a leather jacket if it gets cold.
Ability: As a clone of an angel, Conner has heightened senses and immense strength; he can also jump great heights and lengths, though he cannot fly like his original counterpart could. Being half-human significantly watered down his abilities, but he has been showing signs of having healing abilities as well, though it is unclear as to what extent they will develop.
Weakness: Conner is rather susceptible to dark or demonic magic, being half-angel and all, and he wouldn't stand much of a chance if he were wounded by a weapon specially created to kill angels.

History: Conner was enrolled in the school by a mysterious and unknown person, and prior to his enrollment, there is no record of him in existence. That is because he is a laboratory experiment, a clone of an angel. However, he is half-human, because any attempts to make a full clone of the angel failed, so he was given human DNA so that he could stabilize. He was awakened and broken out of the laboratory by the mystery person, then was given fake papers, a name, and placed in the custody of Artemis' mother. He was given an education while still growing in the lab through psychic communications, so he is completely up to the standards of education required for his physical age.


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