About Me: Bria Donovan (Breach)

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About Me: Bria Donovan (Breach)

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:18 pm

Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Breach (Generator Rex)/ Musa (Winx Club)
LA: Kate Beckinsale

Name: Bria Rosetta Donovan
Alias: Breach
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Date of Birth: December 23
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Student
Clan: None
Residence: Lecarrow, Ireland
Reason why you came: Safety and to find a place where she could belong.

In school-
Specialty: Art, Creative Writting, Music, and Astronomy(Anything that she can be creative in.)
Limitations: P.E, Math, Chemistry, and Speach
Hobbies: Writting Music, drawing, writting horror stories, reading, and collecting dolls
Title: Geek and Loner

About you-
Personality: Bria is a very shy and timid teenager that it takes a lot for her to get to trust one person. To others she might seem distant and a bit odd in the head, but to the ones that really get to know her. She's sweet, kind, and actually understands a lot about the darkness of the world. She's also a gothic girl that loves music and art.
Appearance: She has two appearances. Her normal one is long black hair and blue eyes. Her vampire form and true form has short black hair and green eyes, her true form also has four arms.
Ability: She has to drink blood in order sustain and also has normal vampire abilities. Communicating to the creatures of the night (bats and wolves), hypnotizing, and thanks to her mother she can create portals.
History: Bria was born the daughter of a forbidden love, between her mother (a portal enchantress (Rina)) and her father (A vampire(Van Kleiss)). She never got the chance to meet her parents, she was five years old when her father abandoned her after her mothers death. The supernatural courts of Dublin held Kleiss responsible for the forbidden love and Bria's birth cause she wasn't born an enchantress, so they cursed Kleiss into becoming a spirit. A fairy stood up for the child and gave her another form through an enchanted necklace that gave her the appearance of being human. and also gave the little girl a stuffed animal. The fairy left Bria in the care of a single woman in Lecarrow, Iredland and there she was raised. She grew up in there, it was nice out in the country, where the children would often pick on her violently cause they sensed something about her was different. When she reached thirteen she lost her temper and her true form was shown and she sent one of her classmates into a portal by accident. She locked herself away thinking that everything would be okay, but in truth things just got worse. . One day a supernatural came to her and guided her to Blanditia Academy and then disappeared. She has been here ever since.


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