About me: Flynn Rider

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About me: Flynn Rider

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Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Flynn Rider from Tangled.
LA: Jensen Ackles.

Name: Flynn Rider.
Alias: Flynn.
Sex: Male.
Age: 18 years old (really thousands of years old).
Date of Birth: January 24th.
Race: Angel (fallen).
Occupation: Student
Clan/Family: Flynn is one descendent, of many, of the Archangel, Gabriel.
Residence: Heaven.
Reason why you came: Flynn found the Academy after he was cast down to Earth. He decided to enroll into the school to discover what other supernatural creatures were like and what life was like on Earth.

In school-
Specialty: Science, Supernatural History, Poltergeist Studies, Drama, Music.
Limitations: Home Economics, English and any other studies involving supernatural powers that he does not have.
Hobbies: Pulling pranks and tricking others, having fun and meeting new people.
Title: -

About you-
Personality: Flynn is usually always in a positive mood, it takes a lot to anger him but when he is angry, he can be pretty dangerous (due to being an angel = powerful). He can be very mischievous at times, often pulling pranks on teachers and other students; all for fun, he never intends to harm others. He can be flirtatious at times, if he see's a girl he thinks is attractive/likes. He's friendly towards everyone and often cracks jokes, even at the most inappropriate times.

Appearance: Flynn has dark brown hair and eyes, a goatee, he's tall and has a muscular build. He has large, white wings attached to his back, however only other angels can see them. Other creatures cannot see his wings and will not feel them at all if they touch his back. Clothing wise, he is usually seen wearing a white long sleeved shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He wears a blue vest type piece over the white shirt, tan coloured pants and brown boots. He can also be seen wearing a brown satchel at times, which he uses to carry his school books around in.

Ability: He has the ability to heal the seriously ill and injured with a touch. His powers are limited compared to his archangel ancestors. He knows everyone's past and has the ability to apparate to wherever he pleases.
Weakness: Holy fire, stronger angels and certain blades (made especially for destroying angels, although these are extremely rare).


Flynn is a descendent of the archangel, Gabriel - who serves as a messenger to humans from God. Flynn was cast down to Earth for rebelling against orders from his God. Although, he was not revoked of his angelic abilities, he is unable to return to heaven or to contact the other angels; they can only contact him. He journeyed throughout various countries over the thousands of years he had spent on Earth, finally discovering Blanditia Academy in his travels. He visited the Academy on numerous occasions before finally deciding to enrol and attend the Academy. So far, he has been attending the Academy for a few years and originally he had hoped to observe how other supernatural creatures interact. Since he rebelled, he was, and still is, on the hit list of many angels (they all have to kill him). However, because he's attending Blanditia, they cannot do anything to harm him, since the other supernatural creatures auras cover his own and they are wary and unsure of the other supernatural creatures and the powers that they obtain.

(OOC: My other character(s) = Rapunzel and Moses)


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