About me: Rapunzel

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About me: Rapunzel

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Role play Character-
Non/Disney: Rapunzel from Tangled
LA: Blake Lively.

Name: Rapunzel
Sex: Female
Age: 17 years old.
Date of Birth: 1st of January.
Race: Sorcerer (healer)
Occupation: Student
Residence: Germany - though she isn't of German heritage.
Reason why you came: She was sent here by her step mother.

In school-
Specialty: Anything to do with arts: art, music, drama, etc.
Limitations: Science.
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, dancing, singing, sculpting - anything creative xD

About you-
Personality: She's very bubbly, caring, kind, friendly, excitable. She can get nervous easily if something goes wrong. She's very protective of herself and those close to her. She dislikes people who judge others, especially since she isn't very normal looking herself, due to her extremely long hair. She's very stubborn, when it comes to getting what she wants. Usually, she's very bright and in a positive mood. It takes a lot to make her angry, but she can get upset easily if harassed or frightened. She's very clumsy at times, often tripping over her own hair.
Appearance: She has long (very very long) golden-blonde hair, that glows when she sings. She has round, bright green eyes, light freckles across her nose and fair skin. She's rather slim and is of average height.
Ability: She can heal the injured, no matter what organism, with her hair as well as rejuvenate those who suffer from old age.
Weakness: She's still learning, so sometimes her abilities can falter. However the results won't be disastrous if her powers fail, the healing/rejuvenating will simply stop working.


Rapunzel grew up with her step mother in an isolated cottage, located in Germany. It wasn't the most exciting life. Being locked in the house all day became extremely tiresome and lonely for Rapunzel. However, due to her step mother's use of manipulation, she never dared venture outside of the cottage, in fear that she would be attacked or used by others for the powers her hair contained. As a child, her step mother informed her that her mother had died giving birth and her father was killed whilst fending off those trying to capture Rapunzel and use her hair for their own selfish benefits. Although her step mother was using her for her own selfish reasons, she had grown fond of Rapunzel and cared for the teenager. This resulted in Rapunzel being sent to Blanditia Academy, a school where those who were abnormal were sent to help train their powers and to be accepted by others.


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