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Little bit about the RP

Post  Athena Von Claret on Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:26 pm

In 1709, the Von Claret family existed on the border of Italy and Slovenia, in Venice. They were known for their expertise in many fields, such as Scientology and languages, their unusual and sinister yet intriguing contributions to literature and the fact that they were always quite secluded and quiet. They were rarely seen out in public, aside from attending festivals and talent shows, which they would on most occasions, win. These strange talents and the vast range of intellect created suspicion amongst the villagers. Rumors suddenly formed and the family were banned from attending these festivals. They were shunned from society. The rumors however, grew more and more diverse, eventually leading to the belief that they were of a supernatural sort, vampires. The family ignored these rumors, disgusted at the fact that the people were so judgmental. However, they could not ignore the mob outside their front door, consisting of people they had once befriended and trusted. The family were eventually forced out of their home and were supposedly burned to the stake. Their beloved home and possessions were also burned. Some hundreds of years later, a private school was built on the remains of the Von Claret property, named Blanditia Academy. The five members, whom created this Academy, have been rumored to be the same Von Claret family who supposedly burned at the stake all those years ago. Others have disregarded the rumor and believe them to be their ancestors.
The Von Claret family did in fact survive the fire. It is unknown as to how they did, but this miracle came with a price. Eternal life as vampires. The five members decided to build a school for the supernatural, where their beloved home once rested. They built the Academy so that all magical creatures could come to learn, to develop their abilities and to not be judged by the harsh world they all live in. However, in these modern times, are humans still the same judgmental, cruel and ignorant people their descendants once were? Will they learn to be accepting of those who are so different to that of themselves?
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